Loyd Engineering Company

Manufacturer of water-tube boiler & heat exchanger

Loyd engineering Co. was established on 2002 with more than 20 years’ experience of managers and founders in Kheirabad Industrial town, Arak, Iran with license in Water tube boilers and Heat exchangers , super heater, Economizer, Water wall tube, and other pressure parts for their projects.

  • Manufacture all pressure parts, water tube boilers.
  • Manufacture industrial Heat exchangers with forming tubes and tube bundle.
  • Forming tubes and pipes in diferent sizes, radius and angles.
  • Manufacture finned tube with spiral method.
  • Overhaul and Retube for water tube boilers.
  • Supply material for water tube boilers from other country
Contact info

Tehran office:

No 5 ,Second floor , no105,south bahar, Tehran, Iran

Factory Address:

West Talashgaran, Talash Blvd., Kheirabad Industrial Town, Arak,Iran
Phone: 086-33553254-5
Fax: 086-33553256
Latest Projects

Neka Power Plant

Neka Power plant, overhaul for evaporator

Keshto sanat Haft Tapeh Ahvaz

Keshto sanat Haft Tapeh Ahvaz, manufacture superheaters for Boiler

Neka Power Plant

Neka power plant, manufacture bundels for Reheat Boiler

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